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Shhhhh….Don’t tell anybody During the 1980’s, We were part of a group, that used computers to win millions in sports wagers from Las Vegas Sports Books. This was before personal computers were in everyday use. The invention we now call the internet was years away from having access to handicapping stats and data. We were […]

Basic NFL Teasers for building A Bankroll

Many bettors like to avoid teasers because they think that they are just that, a tease to lure you in and ultimately take your cash. Well, while that may be true a high majority of the time, blindly playing two subsets generally referred to as Basic Strategy Teasers has been profitable for many years – […]


How they work today… Different syndicates do different things. Trying to follow money moves today are exceedingly difficult. We have groups that make their stock in trade, setting traps to move the line. That is why you are seeing so many of these college basketball games have moves up to 6 points. Then coming back […]

The 33% Theory on Predicting Winners

Have you experienced some “Bad Beats” in sports prediction in the past? Sure, we all have, and it hurts. You are sitting fat and happy, winning the football game by 14-points with a couple of minutes to play and only giving -6.5 points – what could possibly go wrong. Even if the opposition scores a […]

Moneyline Break even table

  Favorites Underdogs Line Win % (implied probabilities) Line Win % (implied probabilities) -1200 92.30% 1200 7.70% -1100 91.66% 1100 8.34% -1000 90.91% 1000 9.09% -900 90% 900 10% -800 88.88% 800 11.12% -750 88.23% 750 11.77% -700 87.50% 700 12.50% -650 86.66% 650 13.34% -600 85.71% 600 14.29% -575 85.18% 575 14.82% -550 84.61% […]

Gambling winner Bruno Venturi

Bruno Venturi, 41, kept winning while playing a lottery-style game on Eurobet.com back in 2009. However, the company which operated the gambling website insists a software bug meant chance had nothing to do with it. Surrey-based Eurobet UK Ltd claims that his winnings are null and void because he was mistakenly charged for only one […]

Why we bet a lot of games

I really wanted to make it clear to players, that professional Sports Betting is not just a DREAM, a FEW (And I mean a very few) are making a living as a PRO. First you must be able to hit 56% to 58% or you’re wasting your time. And it must be done annually, not […]

NFL Football Betting Primer 2021

You have been patiently waiting for months since the confetti fell onto Tom Brady for the umpteenth time last February. Finally, when the Bucs and Cowboys kick off Thursday night, the NFL season begins. Baseball’s moniker of “America’s Pastime” is just that – past time, as the NFL now dominates…