The Computer Group designed a method that beat Las Vegas for
over $14 Million!*

*According to FBI records
(And God knows, they would never lie )


How the group launched their legendary dominance!

Ten years ago, thanks to a combination of extensive research and luck, I finally met “Tony” in a Las Vegas Sports Book.  He was one of the statistical geniuses behind the (in)famous Computer Group. We got to talking, became friends, and he allowed me to watch him, and his group of line movers do their thing.

I have to tell you I was at a real low point in my life. The housing market had just crashed, and I was living in a home I’d paid for that was now worth less than $170,000!

On top of my life savings being buried in an underwater home, my business was moving towards bankruptcy, my customers had vanished due to the bad economy, and my kid was having medical issues to the tune of over $45,000!

In a nutshell I was desperate

I know the economy has its ups and downs, but my bank account was nearing zero, and I was getting desperate.
That’s why I saw I was so lucky to find these guys. They were a private group, but when I showed up – hat in hand – they helped me to turn things around. “Tony,” as I call him, and his betting group were nice enough to take me under their wing. They explained to me that I could make huge profits over the course of a season, but only if I stuck to their strict plan.
They didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, they told me what I needed to hear. And you know what? It turned out to be some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

“This is not a get rich quick scheme,” Tony said. “It is a grind.”
They warned me not to get too high on those days and weeks when I was winning and not to get too low when things didn’t seem to be going my way. I took their recommendations to heart, and – to my shock – it worked!
It’s funny, because all of my investments and savings pay less than 1% per year. However, after watching them, I’ve been able to become a CONSISTANT WINNER betting on sports.
So, how were they able to win millions?
Because of their bankroll!
It wasn’t about picking the winners or losers as much as it was about betting with discipline! If you stuck to what their numbers over the past 30 years of research, YOU WOULD BE A WNNER

They are completely Transparent, and show all results Win or Lose and fully document each prediction category with profit or loss.  They have averaged 250 to 450 +Units every year.

Guys will go 9-3 one weekend and lose money. It sounded exactly like what I’d been doing my entire life.
The truth is, while these legal Private Betting Groups are all over Las Vegas, they only have a win percentage of around 54% to 59%. Still, they can plug along with equal bets and allow their bankrolls to make up the difference!
As most of you know, the internet and social media are full of scam-di-cappers and betting “experts” who charge hundreds for their picks and could care less if you win or lose. But what Tony and his team showed me was a Google Sheet database that tracked 51 Sports Touts, services, and personalities for six years. The database showed 106,000 picks these services had charged for, as well the actual result.
Guess what? If you’d followed all of their advice and bet $100 on each pick?

You’d be down $312,000!

The Big difference !

To explain the importance of discipline, Tony told me how some casinos now offer Pai-Gow Poker card games, which had No Commission. This meant that your odds would be exactly even – a fifty-fifty chance of winning or losing. He explained that casinos could only afford to offer something like this because people never learn.
They get greedy and double up their bets, or they panic and get reckless. In the end, the casino almost always ends up with all the chips.
Sports betting is no different!

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