How they work today…

Different syndicates do different things. Trying to follow money moves today are exceedingly difficult. We have groups that make their stock in trade, setting traps to move the line. That is why you are seeing so many of these college basketball games have moves up to 6 points. Then coming back too their original send out which is another 6 points. They are laying traps for bettors as too their real intention of finally laying an advantage wager.

On the other hand, we also provide numbers for syndicates that literally make all their bets within 10 minutes before game time. The bulk of the money is now on the table, and it is much easier to get down without moving the line significantly.

So, you have two different syndicates, doing two different things with the same information. One attempting to move the line in their favor and the other loading up at the last minute. These syndicates use our numbers along with a couple other services and of course their own intel.

The New Syndicate are Born

Finally, the new W. Walters type groups are bringing in syndicate partners (or runners) to get the money down and stay under the radar. As a syndicate member, you get the advantage plays FREE.  In return you’re getting the best information and an opportunity to follow the pro advantage players.

Today we work with syndicates that are practicing global gambling warfare. Launching organized attacks requiring extreme precision and exact timing. They are gambling hedge funds.

When the signal is given, you have about 15 seconds to make your bets. Otherwise, the entire odds market will have changes and our strike price vanishes.

We instruct syndicate members to be ready at their computers at a specified time on a Thursday as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. When everyone is in position, our plays will be released.

Syndicates have evolved over the years with technology, but cellphones are still avoided. Group texts reveal personal numbers.

Super Secret Privacy

MSN Messenger is our method of choice for many of the outfits. Random handles in private chat rooms in no way reveal any identifying information. Therefore, no one knows anyone else who is participating, except for us as organizers.

At the appropriate time, our syndicates disclose the desired advantage positions to take. All participating syndicate members involved line up our plays.   They are waiting for the “go” or “stop and cancel order”. That next message is then posted in chat and the syndicate participants make their moves simultaneously.

Getting Down the Cheese

All players get down as much as they can on all their accounts before the market moves. The plays of every individual are submitted in the chat room, and home base of our syndicate documents all wagers into a ledger.
Then our next play follows. And its rinse and repeat.

The pay structure varies from the different syndicate groups we work with, but here is a good example:
The syndicate participants or “runners” are allowed to take 25 percent of all the action for themselves. So, if you can get down $4,000 per play position, then you have a $1,000 bet of your own money on what we consider is “advantage play.” In return, you are placing a $3,000 bet for our syndicate’s operators.

Pounce on the Local Bookies

You might be surprised to know that 95% of the bets are NEVER placed at any established sportsbook — in either Vegas or offshore.
We mandate that you bet on “skins,” which are websites that these days have replaced your corner bookie.

Operators of skin sites do not make or adjust point spreads.  They merely copy the world’s major sportsbooks. So, if all these syndicate bets avoid the core books, then you can theoretically place unlimited wagers on skins without moving the market. Of course, we mean within reason. Betting with skins also delays the time for these bets to be laid off with legit books, that will in turn move and affect the line.

The ole days of the neighborhood bookie who takes your phone call and wagers are completely dead. Today, these local guys pay firms based out of Costa Rica or elsewhere to run a website and handle all the minutiae, while taking the place of the old corner store bookie.

The skin’s website posts all the lines and spreads and allows their bettor/clients to log in with his personal code and place wagers. Skin operators pay a weekly fee that is typically about $12 per account for the boys in Costa Rica to be the front and handle odds, take bets, etc.

The Skins are still booking all the action on credit and collecting from clients stateside.  But he never has to manually take bets throughout the day. More importantly, he does not have to worry about monitoring injuries or any other line movements. He pays a company for all that expertise — or to copy the world’s major sportsbooks.

The Local skins probably do not realize that the accountants, doctors and bartenders on his client list are not really just recreational bettors. They are actually “beards” for sharp, sophisticated syndicates that are betting with the 2020 version of “The Computer Group”