Why we bet a lot of games

I really wanted to make it clear to players, that professional Sports Betting is not just a DREAM, a FEW (And I mean a very few) are making a living as a PRO. First you must be able to hit 56% to 58% or you’re wasting your time. And it must be done annually, not for a week or month but consistently.

The big thing kids today miss, is looking at twitter and some guy talking about how he gave out a parlay that pay $5000. It may be true, but you will lose all your bankroll following this logic. They want BIG MONEY NOW. And there is only one way to do that, it’s called BANKROLL.

The guys who we make predictions for are not betting $100 units. For example, this year so far, we are up about +315 units. So if you used $100 units, that’s $31,500 for the 10.5 months of the year. Nice results, but not exactly enough to by a new Tesla. It you are using $300 units, you’re not up to $94.500, which will be over $100,000 a year by the time we get to December 31st. A hundred dimes a year is not a bad income, but some of my big guys are betting 5 to 10 times that amount. If you are laying $3,000 per unit, you can expect to make that $1 million a year. But most people don’t have the balls or bankroll to make that kind of money. They can only be confident, after years of knowing that we will get them that 57% not matter what. A lot of guys, never watch the games or check the scores as it’s like slow earning on a bank account.

You made a comment that you only believe in selective plays, not high volume. This year we have played 1,647 plays, at $100 units that’s $164,700 that ran thru the window to give us the $31,500 profit. And we all agree the $31.5K is not a big salary.
So if we use your BEST handicapper MRFOOTYBETS, he has 209 bets @$100 = $20,900 that he ran thru the window, resulting in a +Plus Units of 21.6 units or $100 x 21.6 = $2,160 for 10 months – that’s $216 per month, not too many people are quitting their jobs for two bills a month. At least you can survive on $31,500.

So being selective and betting MRFOOTYBETS, to make the same $31,500 you will need to bet units of $1,458 dollars to make the same $31,500. This takes a lot of players out of action from the get-go. And we are all assuming that they players got the exact same line and made every bet exactly without deviation. One mistake betting $1,458 unit for MR Foot, will cost you bigtime. If you missed one of our plays it cost you $100 bucks.

If my numbers or thinking is wrong, let me know. Remember I’m just an old man that has been doing this since the late 70’s, but I’m willing to learn if anyone can show me a better way.